Ben Beardsworth, managing director of XL records, the man in charge of the release of The Raconteurs’ ‘The Consolers Of The Lonely’, has told NME.COM that the band didn’t want to make any announcement at all about the release of the album, so it would simply appear in the shops today (March 25).

Speaking to NME.COM, Beardsworth explained that the only reason there was any announcement at all about the album was because they had to inform the shops in enough time to let them stock the album.

“That was the reason for announcing it a week ahead of the release date,” Beardsworth said, referring to the need to inform retailers about the album. “We had to tell more and more shops – that’s why it was announced a week ahead.”

Rolling Stone:

That was fast. iTunes has pulled the new Raconteurs album from purchase. People late to the game are now greeted with a “No Longer Available” message.

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