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“I think people need to know that the band isn’t some greed machine. I can tell you with 100% certainty that EMI is putting out all those reissues without the band’s participation, blessing, permission or involvement at all. They are doing it as retribution for the band’s decision not to go with them in releasing the new album. Despite their contract being expired, EMI had been counting on the revenue from the forthcoming album. When the band put out the digital version of the album themselves, EMI threatened them with re-releasing their entire catalog on the same day the discbox of IN RAINBOWS was being sent out, Dec 10, unless the band gave EMI the standard physical release of the album. Of course the band/managers told EMI to piss off and were appalled that at such an important point in the band’s career that their former partners would do this to them.”


LONDON, Monday 5th November 2007: For the first time all six of Radiohead’s Parlophone studio albums (‘Pablo Honey’, ‘The Bends’, ‘OK Computer’, ‘Kid A’, ‘Amnesiac’, and ‘Hail To The Thief’) plus live album (‘I Might Be Wrong’) will be available together in a specially packaged box set from December 10th, featuring original artwork in exclusive digipack sleeves (please see graphic below), which is available for pre-order as of today from www.radioheadstore.com.

Also released for pre-order on the same day, with the same contents, is a strictly limited edition Radiohead USB Stick, the first to hold a major global artist’s entire back catalogue at CD-quality WAV files and digital artwork on a 4Gb memory stick. The highly collectable USB Stick is in the shape of the iconic Radiohead ‘bear’ (please see graphic below) and will be exclusively available from www.radioheadstore.com.

Also available exclusively at www.radioheadstore.com on December 10th is a digital bundle of all seven albums, as DRM-free 320kbps mp3 files, accompanied by digital artwork.

Purchasers of the limited edition physical Box Sets will be given access to stream special footage via ‘Digital Insert’ technology.

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