Metal Insider has translated an interview with Blythe from Czech outlet Blesk:

What happened during the incident at the club during the Lamb of God concert at Abaton in 2010?

“I do not know about any incident. [I don’t remember], because I have a lot of concerts. Just remember that the club [had] a small stage, which barely fit [the band[. Also, apparently there was a security guard because many people climbed onto the stage. I think that one small boy in particular, but I could be confused with other clubs. Since the concert I have [gotten] glasses, but then I saw very little more than outlines details. In any case, I did not attack anyone. The only way that could have happened was if I came into contact with the audience, was defending myself from someone unpredictable.

Do you have reservations about the work of the Czech police and justice in your case?

“As for the police, I believe that it is very professional and [they’re following] the principles of good conduct. But in terms of justice,frankly I do not understand because it is different than the U.S.. I thought that if the group folds on bail, I’ll be released. Definitely do not understand how my case may be qualified as is, since our goal is to satisfy the audience that they liked the show and not be discouraged. ”


Lamb of God Singer Randy Blythe Arrested in Prague, Accused of Manslaughter…

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