Honesty hour: I live in one of these cities pretty much for the access to a never-ending plethora of good shows. Is that bad? Huffington Post:

The U.S. is known for being ahead of the curve in a lot of things, and that includes making music.

Paving the way for the rest of the world—from bluegrass to hip-hop, country to surf rock—cities around the country are famous for putting new music on the map.

If you’re music junkies like we are, visit our five favorite U.S. spots to hear live music in a variety of venues—and of course, we’ve included our picks for hotels to stay in once the music’s over…

Brooklyn may seem obvious, but it’s certainly the most consistently awesome place to see live music in the country [Ed. note: As residents, we may be just a bit biased.] Any given night there are shows taking place in high and low venues—even surprising locales like kitchens in Bushwick.

Where to Hear It: Cozy Union Hall, located in sleepy Park Slope, has live music almost every night in its downstairs venue, as well as karaoke and a gigantic bar above complete with bocce courts for those who are both musically and athletically gifted. Glasslands is part of the more underground music scene spearheaded in Williamsburg and features lesser-known bands eager to show off their innovative musical creations.

Where to Stay: New electronics and environmentally sustainable touches make the Nu Hotel an easy choice in Brooklyn. The Urban Suites even have recessed beds, hammocks and padded walls (which we prudishly choose to believe are in place for acoustics)—great for band practice without disturbing the neighbors. Located near subway lines that will zip you every which way around town, it’s an ideal starting point for navigating the huge scene in this outer borough.

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