And the “music” part of MTV continues to shrink: last night’s mega-hyped Video Music Awards proved a ratings disaster. Via New York’s Vulture, whose post had the withering headline “Everyone Forgot to Watch Last Night’s VMAs”:

Holy Mother of Martha Quinn: Ratings for Thursday’s 2012 MTV Video Music Awards went in One Direction, and that direction was straight to Nielsen hell. After scoring its biggest audience ever last year (12.4 million viewers), this year’s kudos saw a total ratings collapse. Per Nielsen, tune-in fell by more than 50 percent, with just 6.1 million people remembering to watch MTV‘s big show. How bad is that for MTV? Well, this past June, sister network BET‘s annual music and culture awards actually drew a bigger crowd: 7.4 million viewers. The show didn’t even do well with MTV‘s core demo of viewers between ages 12 to 34, falling by a similar percentage among that age group as with all viewers.

Then again, why would anyone watch this crap, as this genius slideshow of ridiculous frozen moments from the broadcast makes abundantly clear… But hey, it’s just an honor to be nominated:

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