The Daily Swarm:

A Rational Conversation is a column by editor and writer Eric Ducker. Every week he gets on iChat or Gchat or Skype or whatever with a special guest to examine a subject that’s been on his mind.

Chicago hip-hop, particularly the infamous, teen-fueled “drill music” movement, has been one of the biggest stories of 2012. Given the city’s escalating murder rate and epidemic of gang violence, Chicago hip-hop scene has been increasingly viewed from a sociological perspective, especially given breakout star Chief Keef’s criminal history and connections. One of the true authorities documenting this latest stormy evolution in Windy City rap history is Andrew Barber, whose website Fake Shore Drive has been exhaustively and exclusively covering local hip-hop since 2007. Ducker and Barber discussed the current climate in Chicago following the inevitable major-label gold rush, and almost equally predetermined bloody backlash that’s proven, yet again, deeper than rap…

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