Via The Daily Swarm:

A Rational Conversation is a column by editor and writer Eric Ducker. Every week he gets on iChat or Gchat or Skype or whatever with a special guest to examine a subject that’s been on his mind.

With the recent release of My Bloody Valentine’s new album m b v and D’Angelo’s upcoming LP supposedly being 99% done, we could see at least two of contemporary music’s most long awaited, highly anticipated albums come out in 2013. (Hopefully this news got to you before you passed out from holding your breath.) But even if a seriously delayed follow-up full-length does eventually come out, how does putting off a release date for a decade or two shape the perception of an artist’s career and the music itself? Can being the punchline to endless Chinese Democracy jokes ever be transcended? Ducker spoke to Rob Harvilla, Senior Managing Editor at Rhapsody, Contributing Editor at SPIN and former Music Editor at The Village Voice to get his thoughts on the phenomenon of the long-in-hibernation major musical statement.

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