The recent deaths at Electric Zoo in New York were initially blamed on the of-the-moment drug Molly, but toxicology reports have shown that the drug methylone also played a part. In fact, MDMA being passed off as methylone is just a big a trend as actually taking the drug in the first place. According to Mixmag, “In March this year, the Miami Herald reported that in just 12 months there had been a staggering 16-fold increase in seizures of methylone, while MDMA seizures had dropped off a cliff. In 2011, Miami police reports show drugs sold as Molly were seized and submitted for testing 207 times. The overwhelming majority – 190 – contained MDMA, while just 17 contained methylone. But in 2012, seizures were up to 337, a 63 per cent rise. Testing proved that 278 samples contained methylone, and just 59 contained MDMA.”

So, what essentially is methylone? Bath salts, and now the picture becomes more clear. Via EDM Tunes:

So, what is methylone? Methylone is a a synthetic empathogen that has a similar chemical structure to MDMA. When taken, the analogue has similar effects to the body such as feelings of euphoria and an increase in sociability, heart rate, and body temperature. However, it’s often been described as a tweekier high than pure MDMA and does not last as a long so the user finds themselves taking larger quantities to sustain the same high. Because methylone use in human history is short and studies have not been conducted, long term effects and its overall toxicity are yet to be seen.

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