Once a member of Diddy’s Bad Boy Crew (back when he was Puff Daddy), Trevell Coleman aka G. Dep made the Harlem Shake famous, but ever since he faded from the spotlight, Coleman had one burning question that needed to be answered. When he was 18, Coleman shot a man in an attempted robbery, but having fled immediately, Coleman never knew the fate of his victim. Now, at 36, Coleman needed to know, and went to the police to find out what had happened, knowing that he may not ever return. Via The New Yorker:

Ten days after the shooting, the police arrested Coleman for selling crack. Finding himself in Central Booking, he was consumed by one thought: Are they going to come in here any minute and say ‘We got you’? But the police knew nothing. The courts treated the 18-year-old as a “youthful offender”; he got off with no state prison time, and his case was sealed.

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