Via New York Times:

All of the above young bands, and about three dozen more from the rest of the country — as well as Spain, Britain and Japan — will play in the very DIY New York’s Alright, April 18 to 21, staged at various spots in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Spring seems to have become official hardcore season elsewhere too: the first Damaged City Fest, April 12 and 13 in Washington, with Night Birds, Coke Bust, Give and the influential early-’80s band Negative Approach; the 15th annual New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, in Worcester, Mass., April 19 to 21, which includes Black Breath, Xibalba and D.R.I.; the outdoor Punk Rock Bowling, in Las Vegas, May 24 to 27, a more ’80s and ’90s-era festival, which this year scores the coup of booking Flag, the promising semi-Black Flag reunion band including the singer Keith Morris; and the ninth Chaos in Tejas, May 30 to June 2 in Austin, Tex., which is anchored by old-school and new-extreme punk and metal (the Damned, Iceage, Manilla Road, Hoax, Mind Eraser) but is weirdly wide enough to include the English minimal-techno artist Andy Stott and the Queens rappers Mobb Deep.

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