Excerpted from Billboard (more numbers on their full page):


I’ve been provided numbers from various sources and here are some that I’d like to share.

For the [Music Monitor Network] stores, we saw significant growth from last year’s RSD. Stores reported increased sales from 20% on the small end, up to over 100% on the high end.

According to Street Pulse, comparing RSD 2010 to RSD 2009 showed an increase of overall sales by 135.4%

Here was their breakdown:
All Music + 135.4%
Vinyl + 376.7%
CD + 40.4%
Video – 38.6%
Merch + 28.5%

Also, and this is an interesting fact, according to Nielsen Soundscan, Record Store Day 2010 was the biggest day of sales for vinyl in Soundscan’s history. This is definitely good news for vinyl record, and turntable, manufacturers.

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