AGE: 33
OCCUPATION: Pitchfork Media founder

PRO: His music-culture website Pitchfork is the Pravda of indie rock, steering opinion (and sales) with its infamously forthright record reviews; even its detractors can’t help but look at it three times a day. Among Pitchfork’s early finds: Arcade Fire, Interpol and Relevant Elephant.

CON: Each review is boiled down to a numerical grade from 1 to 10, which can be helpful, as some of the writing merits a mere 3.6.

Relevant Elephant on MySpace:

Relevant Elephant started out life as a five piece funk-pop band in 1991, with much growth and evolution they metamorphasised into the wonderfully eclectic, purely British hip hop act you see before you. In November 1997 they were spotted on the other side of the water by Bomb Hip Hop Records (San Francisco) USA, with their debut demo single Roughed Up which was due for release in 1998 on the compilation album Contents Under Pressure. However the US audience found it difficult to contemplate the new sound coming out of the UK and the Relevant Elephant sound was not universally appreciated. Both Bomb Hip Hop and Relevant Elephant reluctantly, in the face of such adversity, had to admit defeat and the single was dropped from the promo and subsequently Bomb Hip Hop released Contents Under Pressure Elephant free in the summer of 1999. Things went quiet for a year, whilst the Elephants chewed the cud and re-appraised their musical approach: Can you imagine? The greatest super-power since the British Empire had rejected their fresh, enthusiastic and yet delectable beats, shunned their colloquial, charming and yet vaguely authorative linguistic gymnastics, this was a dark period for the herd and I am glad you were not there to see and hear the consequences of their soul searching. After ruminating, it was unanimously agreed that the Elephants were right all along and they started producing their attractive rhythms and uniquely delectable beats once more. Next came the possibility of an Australian release! The compilation album Kingz of Steel was released in the summer of 2002 on the One Eight Three label, with the Relevant Elephant track Predictable Beats proving to be a very popular element of this energetic mix of hardened professionals and first time vinyl acts. Their Antipodean success enthused the Elephants to start widening their musical prowess further and so after years of being lost in the elephant graveyard of world wide culture Relevant Elephant are creating the sub bass growl that rumbles beneath the beat of the worlds music creationists..inexplicable Hip Hop…enjoy!

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