A few months ago, the members of The Replacements decided to raise money for former bandmate Slim Dunlap by auctioning off some extremely limited edition 10” EPs, featuring the first new music from the band in over 20 years. (Dunlap suffered a massive stroke in February of last year.)

The fundraiser went almost shockingly well, raising over $106,000 for Dunlap and his family.

The response was tremendous with almost 4,000 people participating and over 6,500 individual bids placed. Each package was numbered, with the #1 copy selling for $10,000.

Now, they’re launching the second phase of the campaign, a limited edition 7” single, featuring some high profile friends covering Dunlap’s music.

The project continues with an auction of 100 limited edition 7“s featuring covers of Dunlap’s songs by Steve Earle and Craig Finn & Friends. Produced by Joe Henry, Steve Earle covers “Times Like This” backed by Jay Bellerose, Keefus Ciancia, Jennifer Condos, Greg Leisz and Val McCallum. Craig Finn & Friends reinterpretation of “Isn’t It?” features Minneapolis veteran musicians Kraig Jarret Johnson, Peter Anderson, Jacques Wait and Ed Ackerson.

The auction, which will be active for seven days, begins Friday, February 15 at 10:00 am PST via eBay ID “NewWestAuction.” Auctions are processed through eBay Giving Works, and as a result all winning bids are considered tax deductible donations.

Those of you who want to help Dunlap/hear new Replacements music, but don’t have $10,000 lying around are in luck. A digital download of the EP will be made available on March 5, with a 12” physical copy dropping in April.

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