TechDirt reports on Republicans pivot on copyright reform:

If you’re used to Congress not understanding copyright, prepare to be surprised. It’s clear, thorough and detailed about just how problematic copyright has become and why it needs to change.

The document that TechDirt refers to, a paper from the Republican Study Committee, is surprisingly even-headed, and touches on (PDF) DJ culture:

Retarded the creation of a robust DJ/Remix industry:

Many other countries have a robust culture of DJ’s and remixing, but the United States, quite perplexingly as the creator of a large portion of the world’s content, is far behind. DJ/remix culture is a democratizing system where self-starters can compete based upon merit. In other countries, every 16-year-old with a computer and “Virtual DJ” software can remix various songs and compete based upon talent. As a result there are thriving DJ/remix markets in Turkey and other countries. These DJ’s put their content online or sell mix-tapes (no longer tapes) and there is a meritocratic system that continues to innovate.

However, in the United States this culture is heavily retarded.

As well as listing some proposed solutions, including statutory damages reform, expansion of fair use, punishment of false copyright claims (looking at you, DMCA-gun-jumping labels), and limited copyright terms. It concludes:

Current copyright law does not merely distort some markets – rather it destroys entire markets.

Looks like we can expect a whole lot more on the topic from the party of Lincoln.

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