Johannesburg, South Africa may not be the first place you think of when you think of house music, but ask anyone in Johannesburg what type of music they listen to and they will say house. Though largely ignored by the international community, Johannesburg’s house scene is fiercely distinct, which is most likely why their version doesn’t translate as easily to other places. Following the resurrection of their short-length documentary series with a trip to Paris, the latest episode of Resident Advisor’s Real Scenes is all about the South African city’s unique take on the 4/4. Via Resident Advisor:

But although the scene’s stars hold ambitions that extend well beyond the country’s borders, the reality is that they’re thriving on home turf. Johannesburg has written—and continues to write—its own narrative. It has tales of hardship. The fight to free itself from the brutality of apartheid, and the role music played in that struggle. In a city still rife with poverty, house music can offer a way out. For our latest Real Scenes film we journeyed to Johannesburg and its outer lying townships, meeting the DJs, producers, promoters and record labels who are central to its story.

Watch below.

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