British music shoppers are raging after retail giant HMV refusal to honor gift certificates after being placed in bankruptcy administration. Via HMV:

A spokesperson from HMV told NME: “We of course understand the strength of feeling on this matter and are very sorry, but we hope that customers will understand that we are currently in administration and therefore not in a position to accept gift cards and vouchers.”

The situation has seen tempers flare in one HMV store. Thames Valley police confirmed that they had been called to an incident at an HMV store in Oxford after a dispute over a gift card between two customers and staff, The Guardian reports.

Shoppers are particularly angry that the store continued to sell gift certificates after December 13, when investors were warned that the chain was a month away from an insolvency crisis.

Twitter user Stewart Rogers ??@Stumpy_Afc wrote: “I’ve been mugged! My family mainly deal in HMV vouchers for Xmas. They’ve taken our cash but not given us anything in return!”

Another Twitter user, @MissEngland28 wrote: “We have £50 worth of HMV vouchers that we got as wedding gifts from a few skint friends. It was a nice idea and now I feel sorry for them”

The store’s website, HMV.com, is currently offline.

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