In which the author buys bunk MDMA, makes friends with a miltant, face-painted 15 year-old Passion Pit fan named Jackson, finds hay in his coffee and gets all angry old man on the 25-and-under set for going to see Justice instead of Neil Young. Via MTV Hive:

This is the entrance scene. 65,000 people collide in Golden Gate Park on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Bay Area invented the modern rock festival with Monterey Pop, and Outside Lands is the only regional heir. It’s not really a traveling destination festival, and the organizers project local vibes with a vertiginous array of craft beers, esoteric wines and epicurean foods. All organic everything. There is a Beer Land. A Wine Land. A Chocolate Land. Half shell BBQ oysters. Malaysian nachos. Plantain burritos. It is the festival as Action Bronson song.

This should be the template for every festival review from now on.

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