Yep, Rhapsody is coming out with an iPhone app. Or at least they want to. Real just submitted it to the App Store for approval, so it may be a few weeks before it’s actually available (assuming Apple doesn’t get all fussy and block it). If it does get approved, it’ll be the first major, fully on-demand subscription music library app on the iPhone—besides iTunes, of course, and therein lies the rub.

What you get is nothing less than full access to everything in Rhapsody’s catalog, including over eight million tracks, all of its radio stations, and the ability to create playlists on the fly. (The app also syncs with your account, so you can listen to playlists you’ve already created or browse music you’ve saved to your collection.) It’s like being able to store several million tracks on your iPhone or iPod touch. Well, when you’re online, that is—and that’s the other problem. Read on for more.

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