Ricardo Villalobos can be attached to several movements, labels and ideas, but what people most commonly associate with the Chilean-born, German-bred producer/DJ is a consistent level of quality over his 20-plus year career. His sets are perhaps legendary, but “mystical” may be a better word to describe his style and persona. On top of being one of those DJs that people dream about seeing, Villalobos is one of a select few that is willing to talk about dance music on an intellectual and conceptual level. Very often you will hear people say that they just “feel the crowd” or create music that just “comes to them,” but Villalobos always credits the interviewer as a sort of therapist, forcing him to flesh out how his mind and music relate to one another. Red Bull Music Academy is streaming a conversation with Villalobos, which is quite inspiring, not only for people interested in dance music and DJ culture, but those interested in the creative process in general. Via RBMA:

Ricardo Villalobos is his own genre. Categories like minimal, techno, house or experimental are insufficient to describe the miraculous world of the German-Chilean DJ/producer whose genesis is connected to places like Frankfurt’s Dorian Gray, bands like Depeche Mode and the very first techno records from Detroit.

Catch a glimpse of Villalobos spinning below.

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