“Every time I saw him in the ensuing years he’d say, ‘Mr. Barone, you must release those tapes!’” he continues. “Then I was interviewed by Justin Martell, who’s writing a biography of Tim. He said I should put this stuff out—and the tape copies held by his estate had my business card. So I realized their importance to Tim, and I’m fulfilling my promise to him now with loving care.”

According to Barone, Tim especially wanted a hit single—specifically the obscure British music hall tune from 1926 that is the album titletrack, “I’ve Never Seen A Straight Banana.”

“He said, ‘Mr. Barone. We must put this out as a single,’ and saw it as a follow-up to [his 1968 hit revival of 1920s standard] ‘Tiptoe Through The Tulips’,” says Barone. “So we spent a day in the studio last week trying to give it the same flavor.”

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