The Grammys are 2013’s second-biggest social media event so far. Number one is, unsurprisingly, the Super Bowl, but that’s probably as much in-debt to the U.S.'s failing infrastructure as it is the popularity of the sport. Thanks to LL Cool J hocking the Grammys hashtag every time he was on stage, music’s biggest night saw a 511% increase in interactions over 2011.

You might be saying to yourself, “cool story, bro,” but you want to know what the biggest social media moment of the night was? Well, it just happened to be when Frank Ocean won over Chris Brown in that all-too-specialized category. You may remember that the two got into a brawl because, well, Brown has an infatuation with negativity. He just can’t let her go. Via Billboard:

The graph below depicts a minute by minute breakdown of the volume of conversation across multiple online platforms. The top moment occurred when Frank Ocean won Contemporary Urban Album for “Channel Orange” over Chris Brown’s “Fortune.”

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