Oh, it’s such a nice day out. I think I’ll go for a Soho Stroll.

No, I won’t be needing that jacket, I’m going topless.

Wait, what? Well, that’s what New York Mag has decided to call walking down the street topless. The phrase is inspired by Rihanna, who has taken a walk through the famed New York City destination with her tatas basically exposed a couple of times now. Via New York Mag:

In the pantheon of Rihanna toplessness, sidewalks in Soho are associated with leisurely bare-chested shopping trips. “Soho” is metonym; just as one need not be located in “Hollywood” to symbolize the American film industry, one need not be in Soho to engage in a Soho stroll. Nevertheless, Soho is the location most clearly associated with the act. On her first Soho stroll, Rihanna wore a transparent American Apparel bandeau. On her second Soho stroll, she visited Agent Provocateur, perhaps to acquire a bra.

Thanks, Rihanna. You a bad bitch.

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