Ben Todd, bassist for Nashville-based garage rock outfit D. Watusi and co-founder of music blog/record label Nashville’s Dead, died this week. He was 24. Via Nashville Scene:

Todd’s Nashville’s Dead, founded in the summer of 2009, has long served as a hub for Music City’s ever-growing punk, indie and garage-rock scene. ND’s annual rock festival Freakin’ Weekend — scheduled this year for March 7-9, though no details have surfaced on how the fest will proceed — is slated to be their fourth.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Todd — who blogged under the moniker “Forever Young” — on more than one occasion. But more than that, I had the pleasure of existing in and reporting on a scene that Todd helped shape not only with his seemingly inexhaustible passion for rock 'n’ roll, but with his boundless positivity and goodwill.

A friend found Todd dead in his home. No other details have been released.

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