Spin editor Christopher Weingarten explains how Williamsburg art rock bands like Grizzly Bear, The Dirty Projectors and Animal Collective have influenced everyone from Gotye and Maroon 5 to Kelly Rowland and Taylor Swift. Via Spin

The salability of Brooklyn’s arty, contemporary rock was birthed in 2002 with the runaway success of five unlikely goth-surf grind-pop songs by Yeah Yeah Yeahs stealing a spotlight bogarted by the Strokes, those nightclubbing Manhattan old-guard pretty boys. (Conversely, you could say YYYs also saved Brooklyn from the late-‘90s holding-pattern rock of Nada Surf, Mink Lungs, and Mendoza Line). The rest of Brooklyn’s decade played itself out on critics’ lists (Liars, LCD Soundsystem, TV on the Radio, Sufjan Stevens, the Hold Steady, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Battles), reaching an apotheosis with the most critically acclaimed albums of 2009 belonging to Animal Collective (partial Brooklynites), Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grizzly Bear, and Dirty Projectors – SPIN‘s Nos. 1, 2, 4, and 31, respectively). Three of those four bands have new records dropping within ten weeks of one another – Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, and Dirty Projectors all seem intent on bigger beats and heartier hooks, stripping their sonic slurry into serviceable rock or dance music, arriving somewhere between avant-indie Project Mershand Live Nation Daydream Nation. They’ve certainly earned it. Pop radio has been 2 Broke Girl-ing ‘em for years now.

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