... long live Decoder.

As Foxy Digitalis' goodbye post (via Ad Hoc) explains, it’s not your fault, mom and dad are fine, and all this is is an exciting new chapter.

This article that you are reading will be the last thing ever published here under the Foxy Digitalis banner. It’s been one hell of a run, but it’s time to put an exclamation mark at the end and move on to what comes next. What comes next, you’re wondering? Well the good news is that most of the Foxy Digitalis writing staff is staying together – the band is not breaking up. Over the past year I’ve been writing intermittently for Decoder and it’s been great. I’ve connected with all the folks over there in a lot of ways and so when the subject of Foxy Digitalis signing off came up, Dwight Pavlovic and I came up with the idea that FD and Decoder would, for all intents and purposes, merge.

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