The New York Times reports:

Mr. Regan was the official photographer for the Rolling Stones on several tours in the 1970s, Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue tour in 1975 and the Live Aid concert in 1985. He was Senator Kennedy’s unofficial personal photographer in the last four decades of his life. He took the pictures documenting Christopher Reeve’s homecoming from rehabilitation after the 1995 fall from a horse that left the actor paralyzed.

As well, from Rolling Stone:

“Many times I’ve been onstage only to see Ken’s beady left eye drilling through me with that wry grin under his camera and know he’s got the shot he was after,” Keith Richards wrote in the preface to Regan’s 2011 book, All Access: the Rock & Roll Photography of Ken Regan. “I know a lot of photographers and they all have a personal style. When I see Ken in front of me, I know what he’s waiting for . . . the moment!”

You can see a gallery of Regan’s work in rock and roll at the Morrison Hotel Gallery’s website, featuring spare, beautiful and candid shots of everyone from Keith Richards to Bob Dylan.

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