Reg Presley, former frontman of ’60s garage pop heroes The Troggs, died earlier this week due to complications brought on by lung cancer. He was 71. Via Consequence of Sound:

Presley and The Troggs hit it big with their single “Wild Thing” (originally written by Chip Taylor) in 1966, though the band’s cult status gave them a name unto their own, with other preeminent garage pop gems like “With A Girl Like You”, “Anyway That You Want Me” (another Chip Taylor tune), “Give It To Me” and “Love Is All Around”. Or listen to the glam precursor of ”I Do Do”.

Presley was born Reginald Maurice Ball on June 12th, 1941 in Andover. Outside of his music career, he made a name for himself as an amateur alien researcher, specializing in crop circles and signs of extraterrestrial life on earth. He authored a book on extraterrestrial forces called Wild Things They Don’t Tell Us.

Presley retired from music in January of last year after being diagnosed with cancer.

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