Rivers Cuomo of Weezer married a Japanese woman in 2006 and has been learning her native tongue so he can communicate with her and her family better. Scott Murphy, formerly of Allister, fell in love with Japanese culture during a 2001 your and vowed to learn the language by the next time he visited. The two have announced a new collaborative album called , Scott & Rivers, sung entirely in — you guessed it — Japanese. Murphy spoke on the collaboration,

“I grew up listening to Weezer, so at first it was a little surreal to be working on a record with Rivers,” says Murphy. “The album is kind of all over the board. There are some pop songs, Weezer style rock songs, acoustic songs, even a few synth heavy tracks. We were worried at first that it might not make a cohesive record, but after listening to the finished album I think we were both just really proud of the work as a whole. It’ll definitely be hard for non-Japanese audiences to remember the lyrics to these songs, but the melodies are simple and catchy… if anything I think this record shows that the language of music is universal.”

You can buy the album now on iTunes.

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