According to The Guardian, Robert Fripp wasn’t offered a chance to play on David Bowie’s new record, but totally would’ve (despite what Tony Visconti said — so basically, don’t trust what Tony Visconti says about Bowie):

Legendary guitarist Robert Fripp has denied he turned down the opportunity to play on David Bowie’s forthcoming album The Next Day, as suggested by producer Tony Visconti in the Guardian last week.

Last year, Fripp “retired” from music to deal with the many business-related problems he’s run into as the retired king of King Crimson. He explained the situation to the Financial Times back in August:

“I couldn’t concentrate on music,” he says, sitting in the kitchen, where his business and musical partner David Singleton has joined us. “So I made the choice to give up my career as a musician in the frontline to deal with the business.”

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