Skylar Grey, who’s arguably best known for singing the hook for Eminem and Dr. Dre’s “I Need a Doctor” and penning the choruses for Em’s “Love the Way You Lie“and Diddy-Dirty Money’s “Coming Home,” will have Eminem sing the chorus for “C’Mon Let Me Ride,” the lead single on her upcoming debut record Don’t Look Down. Via Rolling Stone:

On December 11th, Skylar Grey will release “C’Mon Let Me Ride,” the lead single from her debut album Don’t Look Down. The playful pop tune, which Grey calls “an X-rated kids’ song,” features Eminem singing a famous refrain: the hook of Queen’s “Bicycle.”

The satirical song, a jab at “overly sexified music, media and the girls who try and imitate it,” may surprise many who are familiar with Grey from her more modest days recording as Holly Brook and her Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey EP. She credits Eminem partially for that.

She says that working with Em has allowed herself to show off different parts of her personality, and that he can “hear gold in the shittiest-sounding recordings.”

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