Via Pitchfork:

Garage punks Pussy Galore were an especially important band for me when I was in my late teens, so when their guitarist Neil Hagerty teamed up with his then girlfriend Jennifer Herrema to form dirtbag rock group Royal Trux, I was paying attention. Their 1988 self-titled debut blurred past; it was their second album, the sprawling 1990 double LP Twin Infinitives, that hit home. Those 63 minutes of music taught me about where you could go with noise and how you could treat excess as something low-key, like a riot that felt more like a whisper. Importantly, it also showed me how a couple of people without a lot of money (like me) could create their own fucked up musical universe. It deeply influenced my listening habits—I played the chaotic 15-minute psych implosion ”(Edge of the) Ape Oven” on my college radio show more than just about anything else.

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