New York Times profiled RZA‘s work on The Man with the Iron Fist, including it’s long road to production, and the concessions required in the collaborative field of film.

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… his artistic wanderings have led to a $20 million movie, “The Man With the Iron Fists,” which RZA directed and stars in, and which Universal will release on Nov. 2. As befits its creator’s eclectic style, the film is a martial-arts mini-epic set in a mythical Chinese feudal state, where a dispute between a monarch and a nefarious gang draws in a rogue British soldier (played by Russell Crowe), a madam (Lucy Liu) and a humble blacksmith (RZA).

But where he was accustomed to near-dictatorial control over the early Wu-Tang albums, RZA had to learn to compromise with co-stars like Mr. Crowe, who wanted to see his Jack Knife character develop a fuller on-screen friendship with RZA’s blacksmith.

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