In her ongoing quest to remain relevant, Madonna and her personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, are preparing to release a workout DVD, called Addicted to Sweat. Via X17:

Winhoffer told the Huffington Post, “In 2010 Madonna opened her first gym in Mexico City, and the idea for the opening was to teach a cardio class. She thought that would be a great idea, so we taught a class and the members loved it. She led the class and I was next to her. I always document the programs I do with her, and we went through my diary and she chose one of the programs to turn into the DVD, which she named 'Addicted to Sweat.'”
“Fitness is so important to her because she’s one to empower people,” Madge’s trainer added. “She is an example — not just as a pop icon, but an example as a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a woman that’s in shape. The only way she is able to get through her day and schedule all her meetings and to be there for her children is to have a fit body. She makes time in her schedule for the workout. It gets her mind and body to connect. She always wants to be the best and everyone around her to be the best. Her fitness is the key. She’s the perfect example to share her workout with people around the world.”

Winhoffer added that Madge plans to expand her gym chain into the US in the near future.

Is anyone else trying to imagine young Lourdes Ciccone Leon’s response to this? We’re imagining it being something like “Jesus, Mom,” followed by a door slam.

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