No matter what Sasha Grey does, she always manages to push the boundaries further, exposing the artistic qualities previously unseen. Not that we’re at all familiar with her previous careers, but her latest work on the Desertshore album sounds like her most intriguing work yet. Via The Quietus:

How did you approach doing the vocals for ‘Afraid’? You’ve given it quite a twist away from Nico’s. Was it a challenge to do?

SG: Yes of course! Nobody has a voice like Nico. Yet in true X-TG/Carter Tutti fashion the music was a completely unique take to the original. After a few takes I remembered what Cosey said to me by email…it was something along the lines of ‘don’t worry about matching the original, as we will continue to develop the music, so it won’t even sound like the backing track you hear now’. Eventually I just ended up singing Temptations, Beatles and Love and Rockets songs to get my nerves all worked out… stepped back in without reservations and sang the lyrics as I felt them come through me… similar to some of my favorite acting exercises actually!

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