Oh, how controversial of you! Christopher Owens – who just released his first solo album, Lysandre – is very forthright with his love of literature and reading. Between the 19th and 27th of December, the former Girls singer’s twitter feed was aflood with nifty informational tidbits about Chinese Communist revolutionary Mao Zedong. Perhaps he connected with the Chairman on some profound level of being a misunderstood, misanthropic visionary or maybe it was just Owens dug Zedong’s “hipster” style. Warning: Reading the following passage may result in death by eye roll. Via Purevolume:

“I was just kind of surprised how interesting [Mao] was when he was younger. I liked him all of a sudden,”... “He really is just a bit of a hipster. He just wanted to hang around with other guys who were smart. There was a lot of revolution going on around him, so it wasn’t exactly a novel concept. He was just being edgy and smart and informed. He was pretty much an idealistic freedom fighter. Before that, he was just a student. In my mind I figured he was somebody I would want to hang around with when he was a teenager. He didn’t do anything evil until he was much older. He got a little crazy.”

You have to give him credit for pushing the boundaries of hipsterism. Pretty next level, but hopefully people won’t start dressing in Red Army regalia to go out on a Saturday night.

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