Via The AV Club:

Those listening to beloved independent station WFMU probably had a sense that something strange was going on in 1997 when DJ Tom Scharpling interviewed a gentleman named Ronald Thomas Clontle for his show, The Best Show On WFMU. The interview concerned an insanely convoluted book Clontle had written about music, in which he divided acts into three exceedingly fuzzy, confusing categories: those who rocked, those who ruled, and those who rotted. What listeners could not have known, however, was that they were listening to the birth of one of the all-time great comedy duos. Clontle was in fact musician and writer Jon Wurster, the drummer for Superchunk and The Mountain Goats, and the book Clontle was ostensibly promoting (Rock, Rot & Rule) existed only in Scharpling and Wurster’s fertile imaginations.

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