A statement from Waters, via Pop & Hiss:

“It was absolutely an accident,” Waters said. “I didn’t want to disrespect Elliott Smith’s fans, and I’ve instructed (the team) to remove the wheat paste immediately. It was a random pasting in the normal course of this, and I want to make it public that we had no intent to offend or cover up something precious.”“It’s not like this was some pristine monument and Roger Waters is the Big Bad Wolf who covered it up,” Waters said.


“That’s why I was so incensed when I read that article that said I paid someone to disrespect Elliott Smith,” Waters said. “I admit I didn’t know his music, but I’ve talked to people who do and it’s clear he was a young man who felt deeply, and any empathetic person wouldn’t have an issue with publicizing that quote.”


“I would guess, and this is only a guess,” he said, “but it’s my guess that he would have been sympathetic to that message.”

LA Weekly:

This is major-label viral marketing gone wild.

Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has launched a “viral,” “street” campaign for his upcoming The Wall Live tour, which consists of hiring street artists in LA and NYC to strategically place a pacifist quote by Dwight “WTF” Eisenhower on several “hip” locations.

We wrote about this weird piece of “uptown (big ad agencies, megalomaniac superstars and big labels) meets downtown (street art)” marketing ploy last week, but now it seems the project has gone too far.


Elliott Smith Memorial Wall Defaced and Now Restored… Elaborate Monument Planned…

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