The Slayer Christmas sweater may be the best thing we’ve seen in some time. Yes, it kind of goes against all the evil, crazy, Satanic stuff the band has stood for for over 30 years, but it’s also just so damn funny. That, and it’s a way of acknowledging that many, many Slayer fans are now early-middle aged dads. Stereogum:

I shouldn’t hate — we talk all the time about bands having to find new ways to make money, so if Slayer fans will pony up for a goofy novelty item, more power to both parties. And I won’t lie — I’ve got a “Christmas sweater required” holiday party coming up in a few weeks, and when I saw this thing, I was like, “That’s a Christmas sweater I might actually wear.” (Honestly it’s pretty badass just as a garment IMO.)

Unfortunately for Slayer fans with holiday parties to go to, the band’s online store is already sold out, so you’ll have to pay an insane EBay mark-up if you want one.

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