One of hip-hop’s most consistently mystifying humans, The Game, has continued his bizzarre behavior by getting two album covers tattooed on him. One of them, for Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, makes a modicum of sense. Dre is one of the overlords of West Coast hip-hop, and one of The Game’s early mentors and major inspirations.

The other cover is that of his own album The Documentary. In fact, it’s not even the cover of the album, it’s the cover of the accompanying DVD. What the hell? Via Hip-Hop DX:

Taking to Instagram, Chuck Taylor revealed his latest ink via three pictures. In the first, tattoo artist Kat Von D is shown working on his back, while the second is a picture of the DVD for his debut album The Documentary, touting a picture of his son sitting in front of a tire. The final flick is of Dr. Dre’s The Chronic LP art getting applied to his lower stomach.

Honestly, we feel like Kat Von D should have given Jayceon a few days to cool off after he proposed that one.

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