Other than the “somewhat” annoying “quite possibly” in the first paragraph, an excellent piece by Amos Barshad on Titus Andronicus – the world’s greatest punk band. Full story at Grantland:

It’s four o’clock in the morning in Weehawken, New Jersey, a speck of a town just beyond the Lincoln Tunnel, and Titus Andronicus — quite possibly the best young band in America — is watching The Nanny. They’re 12 hours into a music video shoot, and they’ve got 16 more hours to go. And so right now the plan is to hole up in production manager Jill Kaplan’s office and sleep for an hour or two. It’s a brightly lit, drafty space overrun with junk: Dimitri From Paris and Tom Waits concert flyers, an international snow globe collection, Jill’s infant daughter’s plush Elmos, a childproof plastic fence, pizza boxes, beer bottles, sprawled-out bodies.

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