You know him as Coolio, the artist behind such mid-’90s hits as “Fantastic Voyage’’ and “Gangsta’s Paradise.’’ But recently he’s reinvented himself as the Ghetto Gourmet, with an online cooking show and now a new cookbook, “Cookin’ With Coolio,’’ full of recipes with names such as Chicken Lettuce Blunts and Cold Shrimpin’. We spoke with him about romance in the kitchen, cooking on a budget, and why he is like Emeril Lagasse.

Q. You say “Shaka-Zulu’’ a lot.
A. “Shaka’’ is my catchphrase. Emeril got bam, I got Shaka.

Q. Describe your style of cooking.
A. I do fusion. Ghetto fusion. I don’t use the proper names for things when I talk about cooking. It’s not that I can’t speak properly, it’s because I want to do that. So there we go. I am the Ghetto Gourmet, and my style of cooking is ghetto fusion. Instead of saying African-American and Asian, I say Blasian. Instead of saying urban and Italian, I say Ghettalian.

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