Jesus H. Christ, why do people keep letting Shaquille O’Neal rap? It’s like everyone’s afraid to tell him how brutal he is for fear he’ll either sit on them or stop picking up the bar tab. Anyway, here’s Shaq Diesel taking a crack at current Lakers center Dwight Howard, who has both stolen Shaq’s Superman moniker and followed his career path, leaving Orlando for Los Angeles. Via Bro Bible:

This is a fine example of why rich people shouldn’t surround themselves with a bunch of “yes” men. Just look at his two lackeys on the stage eating this up, enabling Shaq every step of the way allowing him to continue to think he is a talented rapper. He’s not. He is the furthest thing from it. He’s like that guy you know who loves to freestyle in your face—like right in your fucking grill, personal space totally invaded—because he thinks that YOU THINK he’s great at it, when, in fact, what you’d really love is for him to shut the fuck up forever or get throat cancer.

Honestly, athletes just shouldn’t rap. Every time they do, it’s horrible. The only exception to this is Stephen Jackson, who’s actually pretty good.

Seriously though, listen to Stephen Jackson rap. It stands up.

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