Good on ya, mate! Guardian UK:

Hi Shaun. How’s it going?
Good, I’m at home enjoying family life.

That is fitting because you’re playing Camp Bestival at the weekend, which is billed as a family-friendly festival. Did you ever view Happy Mondays as family entertainment?
I’ll play anywhere if the price is right. Pontins, Butlins, the lot. I’m PG certificate these days. I’m fit for daytime telly now mate!

Are you going to go and watch The Gruffalo Live at Camp Bestival?
I really don’t know. If my wife doesn’t make it with the kids I might just be in and out. Although if Mr Tumble’s there I’ll definitely go and watch him. I have to watch about six or seven hours a day of him as it is. The kids have him on all the time, and Peppa Pig. We’ve done Peppa Pig World too, it was really good.

What was the best thing about it?
It was all good! We went on all the rides. On the teacups and everything.

Shaun Ryder on the teacup ride at Peppa Pig World is quite an image
It’s just what happens, innit mate? We were young kids when we started off in the game and now we’re 50-year-old blokes. We’ve stayed around that long, but I always intended staying in this game that long so it’s fine.

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