(Via The Queitus)

Can you talk a little bit about Tyler the Creator, and what happened there?

TQ: We’ve been asked that for quite a while. Sara called me one day and said 'There’s this guy and his record is really offensive, and a certain part of this industry considers him a great new talent. And yet he sings these really awful songs about raping a pregnant woman and bragging about it and says 'faggot’ like 250 times on the record’. I felt really annoyed that the industry is supporting this record, and there’s another side to the story. She said, 'I want to write an open letter to the industry and the media and talk about the responsibility that we all have to make sure we’re representing our audience’. And the audience we have is diverse, and we wanted to say, 'This isn’t cool. If you take offense to it, too bad’. I hadn’t heard the music.

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