Congratulations to Melvins Lite bassist and former Mr. Bungle member Trevor Dunn for bringing hip-hop-beef to rock music. Dunn tore into Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong in his latest tour diary post for Spin, referencing Armstrong’s recent on-stage meltdown and subsequent trip to rehab. Via Exclaim:

“There’s nothing worse then some rock’n’roll brat throwing a tantrum and going AWOL just because he can’t keep himself occupied,” he wrote, adding, “Yes, I’m referring to that little weasel in Green Day.”

Referring to Armstrong’s onstage comment that “I’m not fucking Justin Bieber, you motherfuckers,” Dunn wrote, “That guy’s main problem is that he doesn’t realize that he is Justin Bieber. He should take some of the green in his wallet, buy himself a green smoothie and relax.”

Please God, let Armstrong respond with a diss track.

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