Simian Mobile Disco have managed to remain a necessary component of any festival lineup despite the transformation that electronic has experienced in the past few years. Rather than mutate along with the scene, the duo have kept their nose to the grindstone, continuing to evolve their live show musically rather than theatrically. Via The Creators Project:

Has your live show evolved over the years?

Yeah, it has. Different tracks, different versions of older tracks. Some of the stuff from the first album we’re playing out now, like “Hustler“—essentially the only original part of that track is the vocal. The drum parts, melodies and bass are all completely new. And of course we’ve been through lots of different versions of lights and production, right now we’re on a more minimal tip with the whole lighting design. We’re not interested in trying to compete with video walls, glitter cannons, and fireworks like so many EDM guys seem to be into. You get the feeling that all that performance is really to cover for the fact that they’re just pressing play and there is no dynamic at all. We want to make our show as much about the actual performance of the music as possible.

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