Holy cow. Sinead O’Connor has written a long, rambling, almost nonsensical letter to Vladimir Putin, the purpose of which is to convince the Russian Prime Minister to allow the convicted members of Pussy Riot who are mothers to be held under house arrest. But it’s so much more, too!

You can read the full letter at Rolling Stone, but here’s some excerpts to give you an idea:

The songs is aggressive, very critical of you, and as I don’t get involved in politics (even in my own country) and know nothing about you apart from your childhood, I do not want to hurt your heart by approaching you with anything but love.

Thank God she had you. And thank God your own beautiful children have you.

The girls ought not have frightened anyone. I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened. But I have said clearly, I think it was stupid terrifying people with balaclavas, however rainbow colored, when there have been so many frightening shootings, etc., and its terrible to scare old people or the vulnerable mentioned in scriptures.

The main gist being:

Please say it, Sir. Even just to yourself. Say “forgive.” And let these children have their mums at home on house arrest immediately while the other legal issues are pending.


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