First of all, we want to acknowledge that two Gunplay-related posts in one day is a lot, and we wouldn’t normally dedicate this much attention to the Human Bath Salt, but he’s been saying a ton of crazy shit today.

Second of all, after his latest Twitter outburst, Rick Ross really needs to sit Play down and give him the “this is what we can’t say on social media talk.”

In what may be one of the most ignorant Sandy Hook-related statements to come from a source other than Mike Huckabee, Gunplay has put forth the theory that last week’s tragedy was the result of a government conspiracy. Via Hip-Hop DX:

The Maybach Music Group affiliate said that the government was behind the tragic incident. “Government killed dem kids to take our guns away. Another 9/11. Dont get it twisted,” he wrote. “Yall are sheeple 4 thinking da government aint gotta hand in every crisis since the great depression.”

He then followed with a tweet that still remains on his page: “Yall got to be da most ignant naive MF’s on earth yall gon see! Trust Obama he knows best. Lol,” he wrote.

He subsequently deleted the more offensive of the two tweets, proving that even through his drug induced paranoia and house arrest related boredom, there is some sliver of rational thought buried somewhere in his brain.

Also, dude, you’re on house arrest. You’re not supposed to have any guns under the current laws.

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