The six strikes rule on file sharing set to come into effect next month – and would see those who are caught downloading illegal content hit with a series of warnings and penalties – is being re-reviewed by the Center for Copyright Information after it was discovered that the “impartial and independent” firm the RIAA hired to oversee the program had previously lobbied on their behalf. Via TorrentFreak:

To guarantee the accuracy of the evidence behind the copyright infringement accusations the parties agreed to hire an impartial and independent technology expert. However, their commitment to this promise was questioned last week when the expert turned out to be Stroz Friedberg, a former RIAA lobbying group.

The CCI is clearly well aware of the sensitivities generated by this particularly unfortunate pick.

“Recent reports that a former employee of Stroz Friedberg lobbied several years ago on behalf of RIAA on matters unrelated to CCI have raised questions about the impartiality of Stroz Friedberg,” CCI’s Executive Director Jill Lesser now states.

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