Village Voice:

Besides music, what have you been up to since the last Braid reunion?

Well, a lot. You said other than music, but most it is music. Damon and I played in a band called Certain People I Know for a little while. That’s not a band that’s active. I did a few solo tours. I’m in a band now called Jack & Ace with girlfriend, Lauren [LoPicollo]. I got a job at Threadless, and I’ve been working there for about seven years. All four of us probably have laundry lists of what we’ve done. Damon’s working for Warped Tour. He lives in Nashville. Todd got married, has a daughter now, he’s living in Milwaukee. Chris is getting married and works at Cars.com.

Are things different in the tour van nowadays?

No. It’s all the same, everyone getting slap-happy and annoyed and happy and pissy. It’s all the same. But we’re older now, so we maybe brush it off a little more.

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